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Randle Ed. offers a range of editorial services to help you write your novel from start to finish, from a kernel of an idea to the final draft, and we even prepare you to send your work out into the world.

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Manuscript Assessment

A read of an entire manuscript and an honest report. We’ll look for commercial possibilities, structural issues or improvements that could be made and give you our professional opinion on your plot and characters. Please note, if you're looking for line edits this is not the service for you.

Send us: Your draft manuscript (after you have proofread it)

What you get back: A 3-4 page editorial letter with advice on areas of improvement and how to proceed. If you’d like to ask any questions about your report post-assessment, we can discuss via email.


Structural Edit

This is the big one and the most popular service - a full in-depth look at your work by a fresh pair of eyes, in order to catch any plot or character development issues that have arisen, tighten the structure and pace, look at theme and stylistic technique, and subsequently come up with a detailed plan on how to approach your next draft. Your quote will depend on your word count.

Send us: Your draft manuscript (after you have proofread it)

What you get back: 8 or more pages of detailed editorial critique, advice for improvement on character, plot, setting, structure, voice, pace and so on using examples in your work and light line corrections on the manuscript. Included is an optional (but recommended) 1-hour zoom session to discuss my structural edit feedback.

From £750

Submission Prep Package

Once you have your shiny new manuscript and you are ready to submit to agents or publishers (accepting unsolicited manuscripts), this is when you work on your submission package. We will guide you through writing those pesky cover letters and your synopsis/proposal to give you the best chance when you send your work out into the world.

Send us: Your cover letter and synopsis/proposal drafts.

What you get back: An annotated version of your cover letter and synopsis/proposal drafts and a curated list of suggested agents/indie publishers to get you started. Included is a 1-hour zoom session to discuss your submission package.



These regular hour-long one-to-ones will give you time with us to thrash out any ideas, go over things you are finding difficult, learn more about stylistic technique and give you confidence to move on to the next stage of the process.

Send us: Whatever works for you, it is your time with us and you set the agenda. We can provide worksheets to focus on your character development or plot skills which are to be completed prior to the session for example, or you can send us up to 7,500 words of your work in progress to focus on. Alternatively, we can simply chat through your ideas or difficulties.

What you get back: A 1-hour zoom session where we focus on whatever it is you need help with.

3 sessions for £270
6 sessions for £500
9 session for £750

To schedule a FREE consultation and/or to receive a quote for a service, get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page.  We’d love to hear from you.

With the aim to be fair to the writer, we quote once we’ve read a short sample of the work and we’ve had a consultation. The quote will depend on your word count and the amount of feedback required.

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We have also completed editing projects for publishers and external editing services, such as:

Which service do I need?

Editing services often have lots of names for the same thing and it can get a little confusing. Here’s a handy guide to help you choose which service you need:

Please, just tell me if it’s any good!

If you have a draft written and you just want an objective opinion from an expert to give you a general idea of where you might need to focus your efforts on the next round, you’re looking for a Manuscript Assessment.

I know my manuscript isn’t hitting the mark, but I can’t figure out what to do to improve it. I’m stuck – I need direction and details!

If you’re looking for some in-depth feedback on your manuscript, assessing your structure, characters arcs, pace, tone, style, commercial potential and crucially, pointing out exactly where the issues occur on your manuscript, you want a Structural Edit.

I’d prefer a bit of step by step guidance as I plan and work through my manuscript.

If you’d prefer to take it slow and have a proverbial hand to hold, guiding you through this tricky writing process, book a few Mentoring Sessions and we’ll work through your idea from the planning stage to the final draft. Let’s make sure you have the groundwork sorted.

I have edited and edited and now I am ready to submit… So, how do I do that?

Whether you are looking to submit to an independent publishing house or to an agent, first you need to get your submission together and that can take a bit of doing. It’s easy to get this final hurdle wrong! I can help you with my Submission Prep Package.


*** Please note that we do not offer proofreading services, and we do not currently offer copy-editing services. ***

Why Choose Randle Editorial?

We love nothing more than to hear your ideas and be your sounding board. If you come away from a session or service with us and feel excited about your writing again, we have achieved our aim. It’s not always easy, but we’re there for you because we know it’s tough. We’re here to help.

Retaining the integrity of your style and narrative voice will be key. We’re not in the business of making you sound like everyone else – that’s boring. We want you to be uniquely you.

We have the unusual advantage that we are still currently within the industry (see our Rights Consulting page). We have an ear on the ground, so to speak, so we can give you insider knowledge not only to how the publishing machine works, but we also know what editors and agents are looking for right now.

We’ve learnt editing from the best editors and institutions (Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading) and are constantly looking to learn more in order to help you (see my About page).

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